We believe that God created each of us with a plan and for a purpose. At Vintage, we call this “Real Life” – being who God created us to be and doing what God created us to do. As a church, our focus is pursuing Real Life together.

We believe that Real Life is best experienced in authentic relationships – both with God and with each other. Our desire, above everything else we do, is to love well. And so, at Vintage, we place a high value on meeting together in groups. It is our hope that through groups, people will form long-standing, life-giving relationships with their spiritual family.

There are three levels of relationships we talk about at Vintage. Think of these levels as a funnel, with a wide level near the top that gradually narrows at the bottom to a tight-knit, intimate level. The wide area is called “Events and Infusion,” which provide opportunities for getting to meet your Vintage family. The middle area is called “Connection,” where you’re getting closer to others in the Vintage family. And, the bottom of the funnel – our end goal for everyone here at Vintage – is “Community,” where you’re doing life together with a close-knit spiritual family of believers. 

 Visually, this funnel looks like this:


EVENTS + INFUSION                                                                                                                                                                                                                   "Nice to meet you."


  • Men’s and Women’s Social + Missional Events :: The men and women of Vintage participate in regular fellowship and outreach opportunities, from bowling to Bunco to building projects to corn hole tournaments. In addition to being published in the Vintage weekly newsletter, information about these events can be accessed on Vintage’s social media pages and website.

  • Studio 242 :: This group, led by artists, creatives and musicians in the Vintage body, meets the second Friday of each month in the Community Room to do creative projects, open jam sessions and outreach-focused activities together. Open to the community, your neighbors and friends are welcome to attend. No artistic or musical skill needed! Follow Studio 242 on Facebook for updates.

  • Retreats :: Periodic men’s and women’s overnight trips and retreats take place during the year. All are announced via e-mail, social media, the Vintage weekly e-newsletter or on Sunday mornings during announcements.


Infusion groups are designed for anyone who considers themselves new to Vintage – and also for those who may have been attending but are ready for a deeper understanding of the church. These groups typically meet for three consecutive weeks on Sunday evenings, with the purpose of introducing you to the leadership and core values of Vintage. The sessions take place in the home of a Vintage family, creating a comfortable environment for you to hear from Lead Pastor Steve Hambrick, Discipleship Pastor Scott Crawford, and Randel Hambrick, who heads up mission and outreach at Vintage. During Infusion, we practice Acts 2:42 – fellowshipping and breaking bread together while tuning in to the heartbeat of Vintage 242 Church.

CONNECTION GROUPS                                                                                                                                                                                                                 "So good to get to know you better."

After Infusion, our goal is to get you plugged into many environments in which you can begin building authentic relationships with your fellow Vintage family members while growing deeper in your faith. These “Connection” opportunities include short-term groups such as:

  • Church-wide Campaigns & Small Groups :: During these groups, the church as a whole commits to doing a study together for a season. Connection groups generally meet weekly or bi-weekly for six to ten weeks.

  • Men’s & Women's Groups : These short-term groups will utilize a large-group teaching time and smaller breakout discussion groups to study a specific topic or series together.

fall small groups.PNG

Fall 2019 Small Groups

Our fall small groups based on the Book of James begin the week of September 1st, and registration for groups is now open! It is our desire that everyone who calls Vintage home will participate in this study with us! Prayerfully consider which group you should join and follow this link for more information and to register. Questions? Email Scott at Scott@Vintage242.com.

COMMUNITY + "DNA" GROUPS                                                                                                                                                                                                  "It's great doing life together."

At Vintage, we believe that the early Christian church had the right idea, as described in Acts 2:42. They met regularly to do life in authentic community together. So, our goal is for you to connect with a group of likeminded believers, as well. We call these close-knit groups community groups or "DNA" groups. They consist of individuals who agree to meet regularly for at least one year to press into life together – spiritually and emotionally. 

These tight-knit groups can be co-ed, which we simply call “Community Groups,” or they can be same-gender groups, which we refer to as “DNA Groups.” DNA groups usually consist of three to six people who meet together for the purpose of Discipling, Nurturing, and providing Accountability to each other.

It’s amazing how transforming these groups can be. Rather than being “one more thing” on a calendar, community groups and DNA groups become incredibly life giving to everyone willing to openly enter into this real, authentic level of connection.