Light House

Light House.jpg

This auction has closed.

Audrey Troceen painted "Light House" during worship services last Sunday, November 11th, in honor of Stand Sunday.

An original painting is available for purchase through auction. This auction will close at 11:59pm Sunday, December 2nd, and the painting will go to the highest bidder at that time. Minimum bid is $150. All proceeds will support Fostering Hope, the foster care community of Vintage 242 Church.

acrylic on wood board | 24" x 28"

In order to submit a bid, leave your name, email address, and bid in the comments section. Note: You may make an anonymous bid if you prefer. If you do, though, please immediately email April at to identify the bid as yours. If you do not see the comments section, just click on the large "Light House" title at the top of this post.

The purchase of this painting is not tax deductible unless the purchase price exceeds the value of the painting. In that case, the amount paid in excess of the value can be deducted.