Greg and Alycia

Greg & Alycia Pinizzotto have been serving full-time in Huehuetenango, Guatemala for five years. Alycia currently serves as the Executive Director of Story International and Greg serves as the Chief Operations Officer. Their primary mission as an organization is to empower and equip vulnerable youth in Guatemala through the love & knowledge of Jesus Christ.

They run a children’s home that houses over 100 orphaned youth ranging in age from 0-18. While the home is their primary ministry & focus, they also run a bilingual elementary school that they built in 2012. In 2015, they started a transitional living program to facilitate the transition from group home living to adulthood once their kids turn 18. In 2015 they also introduced social entrepreneurship into their model of care by starting three micro-businesses on the ground in Huehue. 

They now run a local coffee shop, a coffee roasting and distribution business, and a pure water distribution business. These businesses not only help to provide income to cover the running costs of the children’s home but also create job opportunities for their kids in the transitional living program as well as for the community of Huehue.

Geoff and Sherry

Geoff and Sherry live and work in the inner city of Melbourne, Australia.  Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city’s four million residents the Maddock’s seek to love and serve those left behind and cultivate a sense of place for all city dwellers (  They started in this new context in late 2016.  See this article for more information about their work with Urban Seed.

Between 1999 and 2016, Geoff and Sherry lived in the inner city of Lexington, Kentucky.  With their son, Isaac (born 2003), they worked as missionaries with a focus on neighborhood outreach and service.  Their wider involvement in transformation committed them to service in neighborhood associations, non-profit boards, city government committees, and local food economy initiatives.  For many years they operated an urban farm on the lot next to their home —the 4th St Farm.  This 1/10 of an acre property raised beds for vegetables, chickens, bees, and more than 20 fruit trees.

The support for their vocation in mission comes from friends, family, and several churches in Georgia.

They are authors of “Sowing Seeds of Shalom in the Neighborhood” (available on Amazon for Kindle)   It is the first briefing paper from the Summit of the International Society for Urban Mission (ISUM) and offers theological frameworks, principles, disciplines and practical suggestions for Christians who long to be involved in neighborhood transformation.

Lance and Heather

Lance and Heather Canter and their 4 kids have been serving as Missionaries in Scotland with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) since 2000.  For the last 10 years, Lance has been hosting short term outreach teams that he takes up to small rural communities in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  These outreaches include youth outreach, community outreach, intercession trips, sailing trips, and encounter trips.  

Lance and Heather are also currently heading up a ministry in their village called The Filling Station.  This is a national ministry that seeks to run monthly gatherings for Christians living in rural communities where people don’t have access to Spirit-Filled worship, preaching, and prayer ministry.  They started running a Filling Station in their village of West Kilbride in May 2016 and have already seen a tremendous response as spiritually hungry Christians are coming from far and wide to attend these meetings!  They have also started a Home Church that has been instrumental in getting the Filling Station up and running.  

Heather volunteers with a ministry in Glasgow called The Well, which is a resource centre that provides practical and relational support to the many refugees, asylum seekers and international immigrants living in Glasgow.  

Apart from these things, Lance is also involved in a strategic intercession group that specifically targets their village of West Kilbride, does preaching and teaching for YWAM and various other churches and ministries, and is part of a YWAM ministry that ministers to long term missionaries working in difficult frontier missions situations.  He has recently been asked to be on the Board of Directors for YWAM Scotland which he will step into this Autumn.  

Dylan and Molly


Dylan and Molly have been serving in South Asia for 9 years alongside their 3 young boys who have all been born and raised in India. Dylan and Molly founded a fair trade manufacturing company which employs impoverished and marginalized women in the community. This company produces fair-trade home décor items which are exported and sold around the world. Some of the benefits this company provides to their employees besides an income and livelihood are a safe working environment, free meals daily, daycare, and strong Christian community. Dylan and Molly have also started a Vo-tech Community College for girls to reach out to the many of vulnerable and exploited young women in india. These girls are offered educational courses in tailoring, computers, and cosmetology. Please lift up this family in prayer for wisdom in raising their family abroad and managing their ministry and business.



Tammy Ma graduated from University of Georgia with a B.Ed and Asbury Seminary with a MA in cross-cultural studies. She then moved to South Asia in late 1998.  She founded K-Homes in 1999, with the help of two Indian believers.  K-Homes is a place for extreme-risk children to call home and be a part of a true family.  The ultimate and absolute purpose of K-Homes is to provide children with loving care in the context of family, while consistently pointing them to the cross of Christ.  Throughout the years 46 children were adopted into the K-Home family and currently range from ages eight to 28. Just recently the first grandchild was welcomed into the family!  

Tammy Ma and the K-Homes team launched K-Family Support Program in 2001.  So many single mothers were desperate to place their children in children’s homes and orphanages.  The team founded a family support initiative that supports single moms so that they can be empowered to raise and  care for their children at home. This has been an overwhelming success and has preserved many families. As of 2017, over 170 children from single parent homes are thriving with their biological families. KFSP is able to help them all of them attend quality schools as well as provide continual encouragement and equipping using a community-driven model of ministry. 

In 2001, Tammy Ma and the K-Team launched Sons & Daughters, a mission-sending agency for young adults emerging from K-Homes, FSP, and the large network who are called into full time ministry in this area of the world. Sons & Daughters vision is to truly support, empower, equip and encourage these amazing young people as they spread the gospel in hard regions of the world.  Currently they are supporting twelve full time cross-cultural workers with Sons & Daughters.