new Village structure & available position

We are excited about the new structure for our Children's Ministry in the Vintage Village! Instead of having just one person lead, we have shifted to a three person team consisting of a Children's Ministry Director, an Area Leader for nursery/preschool aged children, and an Area Leader for elementary aged children. The biggest benefit of this team is shared leadership. Not only is this model great for the size of Vintage now, but it will also be sustainable for the growth that is coming!

The Area Leader (Nursery/Preschool) position is currently available. This team member will work 5 hours on Sundays and 10 hours during the week for a total of 15 hours per week.

The job description, including qualifications, is available through the following link: 

Children's Ministry Area Leader (Nursery/Preschool)

The Vintage employment application is available HERE, and the required supplemental questionnaire is available HERE

If you have questions about this position or how to apply, do not hesitate to email Ginger Faller at