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Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University is a nine lesson course taught by financial expert Dave Ramsey in which he gives practical instruction for money handling using biblical principles that lead to financial peace and the ability to give generously from the resources provided by God. The format for this course allows you to stream the one-hour long lessons from the internet at a place and time of your own convenience. Simply register anytime between April 8th through August 1st to access all course materials.

Mike & Lisa Stephens, Vintage class coordinators, will be available to help with questions throughout the course. You may preview the first lesson's material HERE

Additional course features are below. Visit to register.

Flexibility: Stream nine one-hour lessons from the internet at a place and time of your own convenience if you register anytime between April 8th and August 1st.

Support: Mike & Lisa Stephens, class coordinators at Vintage, will be available for help with questions.

Privacy: Your personal financial situation remains totally private.

Cost: $109 Financial Peace University membership paid directly to Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University includes the following:

  • One-year access to online video lessons
  • One-year subscription to EveryDollar Plus, a premium budgeting app ($99 value)
  • Debt snowball tool and other resources
  • Member workbook for all nine lessons
  • Livestream Video Access to Money & Marriage event on April 18