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Youth Rafting

High schoolers, including rising freshman, are invited to raft with us at High Country on the Ocoee River! We're spending the night at the Ocoee Retreat Center. The $75 cost includes rafting, lodging, and food.  Register here! Email Erin Stitt at with any questions. 

Please print and sign the waivers from High Country (here) and Ocoee Retreat Center (here) and register your student below. 

We, the undersigned parents or legal guardian of _______________________________, a minor, do hereby release authorization and give permission to Vintage 242 Church to furnish any necessary transportation, food, and lodging for this participant. The undersigned further agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Vintage 242, its directors, employees, andagents for any liability sustained by said church as the result of the negligent, willful or intentional acts of saidparticipant, including expenses incurred attendant thereto. In the event of an emergency, I hereby authorize an adultleader of the student ministry, as an agent for me, to consent to an x-ray; examination; emergency transportation;medical, dental, surgical diagnosis; treatment or hospital care advised and supervised by a physician, surgeon, or dentist,(as appropriate) licensed to practice under the laws of the state where the services are rendered, either at a doctor’soffice or in any hospital. We further assume responsibility for the decision so made and the emergency care ortreatment so secured for our child. We understand that, given proper time and circumstances, we will be notified byphone as soon as possible when treatment is needed or secured. Furthermore, should it be necessary for the participantto return home due to a medical condition, disciplinary action, or otherwise, we assume all transportation costsinvolved. . We have given our consent for my child to attend events being organized by Vintage 242 Church. We understand that there are inherent risks involved in any ministry or athletic event, and we hereby release Vintage 242 Church, its pastors, employees, agents, and volunteer workers from any and all liability for any injury, loss, or damage to person or property that may occur during the course of our student’s involvement.
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