Family & Discipleship

We believe that God created each of us with a plan and for a purpose. At Vintage, we call this our “Real Life." The central focus of what we are about is to grow and pursue our "Real Life" and help others do the same. We define “Real Life” as being who God created us to be and doing what God created us to do. 

We recognize that ministry best takes place in the context of relationships. We believe we were created for relationships and trust that God wants to meet us both individually and communally as we live our lives together toward Him. We, therefore, hold relationships at a very high value. Our desire, above everything else we do, is to love well. It is our hope that in and through the context of groups, people are able to form long standing, life giving relationships with others. At Vintage, we call this our spiritual "family."  

We have three primary types of groups at Vintage.  

Small Groups:

Small Groups provide a place for people to come together to build relationships and learn together. Most of our small groups meet for six to ten weeks at a time and concentrate on a specific teaching or topic. During this time, our primary focus is to connect with each other and develop relationships. The church fosters the formation of new small groups every fall and winter and also encourages people to initiate the formation of other groups throughout the year. 

DNA Groups: 

DNA groups are groups of three to four people of the same gender who commit to meet together for the purpose of discipling each other, nurturing each other, and providing accountability to each other.

  • Discipling - spurring each other on to pursue the "Real Life" that is found in living to become like Jesus 
  • Nurturing - lovingly encouraging each other to live what we believe by creating spiritual goals and helping each other fulfill them
  • Accountability - accepting mutual responsibility to see Christ-like transformation take place in each other’s lives 

DNA groups are formed by individuals at Vintage who choose to invite others to form a group together.  


Discipleship Groups:

Discipleship groups at Vintage are groups that meet for a specific period of time (usually a year commitment), focus on discovering what life can become when we fully commit to live to be like Christ, and end with a commissioning to go and make other disciples.  Discipleship groups are not something that you can sign up for; they are formed at the invitation of the leader of the group. 


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